High-availability, more security and rapid name resolution worldwide


An increasing number of companies are setting great store by high global availability and maximum speed in name resolution. Specific protection from DOS and DDOS attacks on the DNS infrastructure and thus the availability of internet services is also increasingly taking centre stage. Combined with name service (DNS), Ais, from a present-day perspective, the professional solution to realise a quick, secure and available name resolution worldwide.

What is Anycast?

With anycast, an IP address is provided for several geographic locations at the same time. In conjunction with the routing BGP, anycast ensures that requests are directed to the nearest location (from a routing protocol perspective).

Anycast DNS

The name service (DNS) benefits from anycast. Requests for a domain name (www.domainname.de) are routed to the nearest DNS server by anycast and thus answered more rapidly. Without anycast, deleted DNS servers might be used, which will slow down the request for your website accordingly (longer packet runtime).
Besides the speed advantage, anycast also provides stabilisation through load balancing (all the requests are spread among more servers all over the world) and better protection against DOS attacks as only the name servers nearest to the attacker are affected by these affronts; all the other name servers continue to work undisturbed.
Anycast DNA is deployed by all large firms worldwide, such as Google, but also by operators of TLDs (domain endings) such as .de (DENIC eG), .com (Verisign) or .eu (Eurid).

Anycast DNS for one domain or entire portfolios

You can already use anycast DNS from one single domain. Get in touch with us and benefit from a faster page set-up, improved conversion and better protection against DOS attacks on the DNS by using a name server network that is spread all over the world.

Example offer:

  • At least six locations focussing on Europe, America and Asia possible
  • Additionally, a unicast entity in Frankfurt am Main linked to the DE-CIX
  • Provision of the zones by the customer via hidden primary DNS
  • Zone actualisation via serial check, notify, optionally web interface
  • Care and support included
  • Two own name server aliases, e.g.:


Number of zones (domains) and support hours per month depending on rate.

From EUR 89 a month (plus VAT) / EUR 105.91 (including VAT). Please contact us for an individual quote on tel. +49 (0) 6421 – 175 175 0 or at info@hostserver.de.