Professional domain service and available name service (DNS)

With fifteen years of experience to look back on, we offer you expert support on all issues related to domain registration and name service (DNS). Use our service to register and manage your domains in a quick, simple and reliable way..

Domain service:

  • Domain registration worldwide
    Over 300 domain endings exclusively for companies and agencies
  • Domain support
    Support and individual strategy development for your company
  • Domain service
    A comprehensive service package on all issues relating to your domain portfolio, including purchase and sales, redirection and back-order services
  • Domain brand monitoring
    We keep tabs on domain registrations all over the world for the abuse of your company, product and brand names.


  • Name service
    Professional name service for the highest demands
  • Standard or business DNS
    The right name service to suit all needs
  • DynDNS name service
    Use our compatible DynDNS service.
  • Anycast DNS
    Fast and secure nameservice with anycast.
  • DNSSEC Name service
    Secure your name server zones with DNSSEC.